Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You don't watch sea monster. Sea monster watches you.

I'm streaming again. New link, and you can watch me here! 

This was the rather random result of streaming last night for a good 4 hours. I was watching a stream and the broadcaster had to leave, and I ended up broadcasting in her place. For the first hour I struggled with a weak drawing until finally giving up on trying to save it. So, I asked what I should draw/paint and "monster" was thrown out. After the previous effort, I stuck with a relaxing headshot. There's a lot of stuff here, technique-wise, reapplied from the fictional mass effect character I did, but some new stuff too.

My favorite thing being that to get the red tint in the eyes I made a copy of this very same painting, tinted it heavily read, then stretched the picture so it wouldn't be recognizable, then masked it over the black eyes this fellow has. Im quite pleased with this one. Had fun with it, because it was painted with 6-7 other people who were great company, but also because of the result achieved in 3 hours worth of work. 

All Photoshop - 8.5x11


Dave Armstrong said...

This is like a new level of Puncekar.
Pretty darn nifty.

Unknown said...

Thanks dave.

There's three levels Of Mike Puncekar. You must go deeper. A Mike within a Mike within a Mike.

Punception if you will...

Darian Shepherd said...

I agree with dave on this, This is awesome I love how its like he's sitting for a school portrait

Mike Puncekar said...

Darian: When I woke up this morning I had that same thought.