Saturday, December 26, 2009


15xThirteen is something I am really excited about...

The very talented Coey Kuhn and Shy Custis have put together this book of 15 different artists, each with a few pieces and some info about them. It's a good size, full color assortment of a lot of great work, no back door bragging intended here, they got some talented artists from all over the globe in on this.

Here's the thing, there aren't that many of these. Only 250 are going to be printed, then it's done forever. And I assure you that they will start to disappear, especially once Coey and Shy go to sell them at a con. They are the cool popular kids on the indie artist block. So if you want one, grab one now, because once they are gone... no more art book.

Heck, if you do buy one, send me the book, I'll do a sketch for you in the front. A nice one. It will involve ink, and pencil, and whatever else I can use without ruining your nice new book. And I'll send it back to you. No extra charge. If you are interested, just shoot me an e-mail about it and I'll tell you where to send it. No shenanigans please.

Here's the stats of the book:
-Only 250 being printed!
-55 pages
-$40 USD each
-$5 shipping US and Canada, $9 worldwide

The Contributors (in no particular order):

And remember my sketch offer. Shipping is all that it would cost. If you wanted something in particular, just write it on the inside cover.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Some Finals

Here are two finals done from start to finish on the same day. Luckily I had all the parts I needed going in, but halfway through I feel asleep from exhaustion and almost didn't get a good enough finish on ahab here. Haven't sketched a whole bunch since being back home, but I'm looking to get an activity going during my month off. I'm getting antsy without any type of real assignment.

Moby Dick

Tour De France 1923

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Portrait of a Mobster

Apologies for the lack of posting as of late. It's finals week though. Here's a quickie from tonight that I had to do for a homework figure drawing class assignment. I just sort of pulled this one all from my head so it has some issues, but it's also doubled as a bit of a skin tone experiment for an upcoming moby dick illustration I have due friday.

Here's everything due this week:
-One Exam
-4 four corner illustrations for monkey project
-25 11"x17"concept boards based on the monkey tale and present
-2 out of class figure drawing assignments, second one is going to be a painting. Over-gesso'd the canvas, though. Still drying. Need to Start!
-2 Editorial illustrations, one based on the tour de france, one on moby dick
-one artist paper
-and some other odds and ends like a contact list of companies, portfolio reviews, and a artist compendium.

In other news: Last week I had my website due. And now you can go there and look through my work without stumbling through this blog here. A lot of really dated work on there, but hopefully I can really start overhauling my portfolio soon, because in my opinion it's pretty weak right now haha.