Saturday, March 5, 2011

More fun stuff I guess

I did this while I was waiting for a friend to tell me to head over to his place. Could have been more ambitious though, I also watched the social network while I waited. Which speaking of, is such a  seriously good movie. Even as a pretty stalwart anti-facebook user, the dialogue in that film is just so good I just have to adore it. Paired with a favorite director, fantastic cinematography, trent reznor bringing his brilliance to the soundtrack, and a trailer hooking you with radiohead lyrics... it's just not fair to other films.

Anyway, more mass effect poop since I was just screwing around in photoshop. Had a happy accident and found a new way to add a great texture. Love it when that happens.


Dave Armstrong said...

Since when do you say stalwart?
this blog sold out, bro.

That is a great movie, though...
and the arts still great...
I guess I'll keep following.

Mike Puncekar said...

Sort of glad you made that comment. I really did not proofread any of that, which means like normal, the vast majority of it was unintelligible hogwash. It's fixed now.

I appreciate your support. But don;t think i forgot about you, quinn, and pat declaring a follower monopoly on me and threatening me when i first started this thing. WATCHING YOU DAVE.