Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm really, really excited.

Dark Knight tonight! Enjoy a snowy batman, and a green lantern that may see some color tommorrow. The normal clothes idea is from a friend, as I was drawing out one in spandex at the time. 

I'd love to actually get this post formatted like all of my others, but blogger is being a buggy POS right now. 

Monday, July 7, 2008

Colorless Concepts.

A friendly reminder: You can click these to make these bigger. No need to squint.

This is mainly just a little sketch dump of the little I've done this summer. I got pretty lazy, but I'm starting a few actual illustrations soon. I said I was going to get a website up, and still plan to, but it's on hold (again) in interest of doing some new art that will make me better. I also haven't uploaded year end art from school either. Laziness mostly, as I now not too many people will be seeing this, and some Counter-Strike Source has been taking up quite a bit of my free-time, along with some HL1: Opposing Force. Video games are the most enjoyable time-sinks... ever.

I was toying around with some concepts all within a similar universe for the first four here, and the last two pirates are random Photoshop speed paints. No references used all around, as per norm. I'm such an idiot for not, but all of this was rather random.

Next up, some horror and adventure illustrations... and maybe some quick landscapes.