Friday, June 19, 2009


So we meet again. One thing I have learned about summer at home is, there isn't a whole lot of inspiration, or much drive to do much of anything except all the things you didn't get to do while under the CCAD homework load. Well, I've ran out of things to do. So back to the drawing board. I've been drawing a tiny bit, but not very much since I've traveled back to Youngstown. If I had to describe my current state it would be "unproductive slob monster".

Mostly it has been the result of what started with a bit of CCAD burnout. Which then turned into a very long trip into the void that is the internet, and sitting out on the deck sipping iced tea. It's been pretty darn nice. My sleep is still so messed up it's a bit screwy, and all attempts to instill some type of circadian rythem is not really working as I can't even fall asleep at a normal time. So other than being nocturnal, it's time to be productive again, and get back into the sketch-a-days. No excuses now. If I don't update, I urge anyone who visits this blog to personally e-mail me at and harass the heck out of me.

So to start things off, I'm putting up something I promised a long time ago, possibly about a month and a half ago, not going to dig up the post. Just scanned it today and threw some color on it after some very, very frustrating lassoing. Once Im back in columbus I plan on making some nice 13x19 prints of this to sell. I rather like it, and think it would make some nice wall art. Took a lot of will power not to turn this into a "Ra Ra Riot" fan poster. Ya, I know this isn't a sketch-a-day. But this is nicer than one of those. Right?

Thanks to the few who kept checking in.