Wednesday, February 29, 2012

and Two Dragons...

For a tiny bit I took part in a weekly theme based drawing club and the week Dragons popped up I just felt like changing the style up a bit. I really liked how these turned out, especially since they were just sketches really. It's such a relief when I switch to a more cartoony style. Mainly because it's much easier and quicker by comparison to more realistic affairs, but also because there's just that "no rules" mentality about it. If I want to bend that line, I will, and it just won't matter. I think the only downside is I don't think I would learn as much in the process.

The entire time I did these I was listening to the "How to Train Your Dragon" OST. So good.

Two More Character Portraits

I did both of these for friends who play Neverwinter Nights. They each gave me a brief description of what sort of weapons they use and some traits and let me just go crazy on it. The only really specific detail was that the wizard looked and behaved pretty much like Benedict Cumberbatch on the BBC Sherlock. So I pretty much just painted his face on there. I didn't get too detail crazy because they were going to be shrunken down to the size they needed.

At this point I'm thinking I need to rename this blog to "character shots" or something along those lines. I just always seem to gravitate to doing some sort of character when I'm just painting independently. I have some normal, non-conceptual, illustrations coming at least pretty soon. I think a lot of that is that I just have never found painting scenes all that enticing. Especially when there aren't people or creatures in them. If I just let myself do whatever I'd probably end up drawing nothing but faces.

So I think it's time to force myself into some more environmental sketches and such.

Edit: Updated version of the woman.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Steampunk Western Sniper

Here is a sketch that got slightly out of hand. After it was done though I was so pleased and just had to throw it up on here. It's probably the first thing in a long, long while that I've painted without any sort of photo-manipulation techniques or any added textures after the fact. I just... well, I just painted. So much fun and a bit refreshing to get away from my normal process.