Thursday, November 11, 2010

Draw a dog with eyes closed. Make something out of the aftermath.

Wanted to take a break from some other things and saw this activity on a forum today.  Like the topic title the challenge was to close your eyes and draw a dog. Didn't matter what breed or anything, but just a dog. I went for a wiener dog. The funniest and the best of all dogs.

Here was my salvage job. To be fair, I was flashing back to Dave Devries Monster Machine drawings like crazy. Just so many similarities. Not that I would compare my effort to his stuff.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Jedi. All moody of course.

Well, I think I'm on the mend and the constant aches and headaches have been chased away with after halloween sale chocolate bars. So, a few friends came over to watch the last two episodes of dexter so while we were watching I painted this up after I was prompted by Patrick Butler. So he proposed that we both do something really Star-Wars-ish, and since he wanted to do a Sith, I went ahead and painted up this Jedi on my laptop. This one was incredibly fun. It changed quite a bit as I went along adding and taking away a lot. It was just a really organic painting. Hope you enjoy.

Things I managed to cram in because I like them, big hoods, snow, and a graphic planet/moon. Which in retrospect I should have had more of back there. Feels like every Star Wars planet is rocking two suns or something.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Feeling a bit under the weather today.

I recently had to visit home, and I seemed to have dragged back to my apartment their sick. I painted this... but now I'm convinced my subconscious is telling me something.

These little quick things are great. Faces are that one thing that never gets old painting. Especially strange ugly ones, because I'm sure as heck not gonna use ref when I'm working for fun this way. Just having some fun here since the disease I currently have is trying to ruin my day. Strangely I'm craving cajun food. Not sure how the body is going to respond to that.

Vampires on the brain.

Due to some other projects I have going on, I've been overloaded on vampires. I didn't get to do a halloween post, so this speed paint from tonight should suffice. One of those that took a half hour to paint and another half hour to finish.

In other news I watched shutter for halloween. The Thai version. Bad move. I'm not one for jump scares and this movie reduced me to a hair pulling mess. If you want a great horror flick I can't recommend it enough, since it turned out to be a great movie as well... but holy lord was it unkind to the senses.

In other, other news, Beach House, plugged into pandora radio makes one heck of a good station.

Click this one for full size. Blogger is freaking out over the reds.