Monday, March 31, 2008

Characters? Concepts? Sure.

Jon Foster came to CCAD today in the visiting artist series. He really put me in the mood to render out something, so I drew this at work today.

These are my meth-heads. Drew it in Illustration Methods. This stuff is just fun to draw. I drew a ton more during this class, but they were all really... really weird caricatures. The more cartoony faces inspired the cool dude down below. It's kind of a no-rules stylization. Nothing but crooked eyes and something that would destroy perception if turned 90 degrees. I mean, it's really just taking a normal angle and going, no... I feel like doing "this".

This is a doodle from philosophy class. Fun as heck to draw out. Easy enough to still pay attention to the lecture.

Zombie concepts used to inspire myself for a project.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

3:00 in the morning.

An acrylic speedpainting done in the wee hours of the morning after an unproductive day. Again, working on the "girl" thing. Next time I think I'll use a ref though.


Illustration methods assignment. I like it fair enough, but don't be surprised to see an edit to this post.


Monday, March 17, 2008

{A Girl and a Pyro}

Finally have some sketches here to put up.

The first sketch is one of many but one of the one's I liked. During my sophomore review, the review at CCAD that determines whether you keep on chugging or not, to draw more women. I was also told to draw more environments. I agree with both on probably an exponential level, especially environments. I could probably count how many I've done in my life. So I drew this girl.

The second sketch is just of a pyro, inspired by Team Fortress 2 by quite a bit. Didn't really push myself on this one at all, but he was just too much fun to draw.

Hoping to do some painting really soon, maybe some studies or something to kind of help me climb out of my comfortable little hole I've dug for myself over the years. I've always thought I started to stylize too soon, but I sure haven't done anything about it. 


Friday, March 14, 2008

{Welcome to MP Illustration}

Finally got around to creating a blog. Hoping to start tweaking appearances and getting some art up. Can't wait to get started.

This is a fresh start, so no older sketches and paintings are going to clutter this place.