Friday, April 16, 2010

More Character Concepts and A Fortune

First set of concepts were for my last Professional Practice assignment. Story behind this is the teacher, Dave Groff, used a random hero generator for us to illustrate. I managed to miss class that day accidentally, so as punishment my hero was a "Ballerina Karate Master". This is in contrast to "Amazon Adventurer", "Warlock Hunter", and annoyingly what I would have got if I had been there "Astronaut Zombie Hunter". Everyone in the class got something that was easily a winner of a character. I deserved it. The irony being that I missed because I was so exhausted from working on the assignment from this very class the entire night before. Lesson learned.

The last thing was from today's Professional Practice class. It was a 3 hour timed challenge where we had to illustrate our fortune from a fortune cookie. After about 2 hours give or take, once you include printing the thing and meeting up to discuss concepts. It was fun. I'd call it a sketch-a-day, but I'm not sure if I feel right using that term anymore with all of these sporadic updates.

Lastly, I got a tiny new red moleskine, pocket size. Love a new sketchbook. Nothing beats that feeling.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds

This was my second assignment I cranked out after the last one. Goal on this one initially was to pick a female lead based play and do a poster, as I needed more females in my portfolio. But in the end I leaned on this layout since I felt it was much more striking than the original comp I had planned.

I'm a bit bitter though that I had messed up my due dates on it. It wasn't due and I pushed through the night even though I didn't have to. Started it at about 2 in the morning from scratch, and had an art history class at 11am, the class it was due at 12:30am, and the Annual AOI show immediately after that to help set up. And I put on a suit for the heck of it, that was on from 10 in the morning till 11 at night. My feet hurt from dress shoes. You girls out there that wear heels... I ask you... WHY do you put yourself through that?

I got some really good feedback on this stuff, though. Sure is a nice break from the painterly stuff. As much as I like painting, and the finished product, it just takes so stinking long compared to these. I have a joan of arc inspired wrap-a-round book cover in the works now, so I'm gonna experiment a bit to see if I can merge the two styles happily.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Prohibition - 1920s

This was what I got to do last night. I really love doing this sort of ink work so I figured I'd post it up on the blog. This one was really fun from start to finish, with start being midnight last night, and finish being a little bit ago, with a whole lot of troubles in between.

The concept came from an old photo I had found where the stage was up on top of the bar. I just exaggerated it. If Iget more time to work on it soon I really want to get a subtle band up behind her. For now I have to start work on a Play Poster based on "The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-on-the-Moon Marigolds". I picked it because of the awesome title. Unfortunately, it turned out to be quite a screwed up depressing story.