Saturday, October 22, 2011

Reznor - SotD 149

Reznor was another one that was requested quite a bit, and he's mostly known for being a boss in Super Mario World. Imagine this guy on a platform, attached to some monstrosity of a wooden ferris wheel, and 3 more of the exact type all spitting fire balls at you. Hopefully that strikes up the memory. 

I never really realized just how many dinosaurs there were in Mario. I mean it's rather obvious in retrospect, pretty sure  I even remember a "Dinosaur Land" or something being thrown around as a stage or world. Maybe it wasn't a meteor that wiped out all the dinosaurs. Maybe it was Mario. That crazy jerk ran around cracking necks under his boot like it was his calling in life and he was sworn to adhere to it. 

"But what about Yoshi? They were best buds..."

Were they best buds when he kicked Yoshi away into oblivion to make that extra long jump? I'm pretty sure putting Yoshi to work as a steed immediately after he hatched violates some sort of child labor law. I'm doing Mario enemies here... but I think Mario is the biggest enemy of all...

Friday, October 7, 2011

Nintendo Power

After I was plugged on Kotaku, Nintendo Power contacted me about putting some of the Mario Enemies into a feature. The thing about this project was that it really tapped into my nostaglia about running through Mario World 3 or struggling through Mario World 2. So getting contacted by one of Nintendo's journalists for a small feature in the backspace just made me absolutely giddy. I used to get the magazine back in the SNES days, mostly for walkthroughs and cheats as I used to beg Mom and Dad to take me to Blockbuster so I could peruse the SNES isle and grab whatever I thought had the coolest cover... Nintendo Power got me through quite a few of these games. I had a really bad habit of not writing down level codes and Nintendo Power would come to the rescue. And I feel I've come full circle here somehow. Not sure what that circle is, since my metaphor circle logic is incredibly weak, but I have that feeling anyway. Feels good. There's not a whole lot of ways I ever saw myself getting into that magazine, if ever.

Thanks for the article Nintendo Power.

So go check it out, it's a pretty good issue covering their biggest franchises and most importantly Skyward Sword, and the small article on me and my art is right in the back. I would have plugged it earlier, but I didn't know what exactly they had written about me until today and I was a bit nervous about it. Actually turned out to be a 2 page spread instead of the one I was told it would be. The article was written by Andrew Hayward, so you should check him out too.