Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mike Puncekar... LIVE

So I finally found an easy way to stream what's happening on my screen and I tested it today for the first time. Ustream, I would like to thank you and your fantastic software. Getting this to work with any sort of decent quality on was too much.

I streamed for 3 hours taking requests from people and just sort of screwing around. So far I think I'm pretty happy with the set-up. I can run music in the channel and talk to people with the mic while I paint and work on projects. As long as it's fun or personal chances are I'll be broadcasting it.

But for future reference I'll be announcing when I start on my twitter here:

And broadcasting on the channel here:

Anyway, I got three mini-paints done during 3 hours. Something for the irish today, a meaner sonic, and a magician dude who is looking a bit venture brothers.

Edit: Just realized I uploaded the wrong sonic. Finished version now in the post.


Rachel Dangerfield said...

Nice! I'm excited you finally got it to work.

And Mike Puncekar is on Twitter? WHUT?!

Mike Puncekar said...

I'm trying it out. I have tweetie running on my secondary monitor now... I quite like it.

Dave Armstrong said...

those ustream things are pretty nifty. I used to watch Mike Mitchell do them a lot. The little chatty things are an awesome way to get to know your followers better (or so I would assume).

Also, that sonic is going to haunt my dreams for years. There's something about that face...that face...he knows what I've done...

And twitter? Really Mike? Sellout.

Mike Puncekar said...


Also, your comment notification in my email inbox was the 5,555 email in that g-mail account. I may have to make something special for you.

Dave Armstrong said...

I'm probably worth the effort, Mike.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to see sonic revived. Thanks Mike.