Thursday, September 29, 2011

Belome - SotD 148

Again I have found myself feeling a bit guilty about using the "Sketch-of-the-Day" moniker in the title, since some of you may have noticed... Not so daily. Hopefully, I shall be back on the wagon here and goin' since I got way side-tracked and while I've been makin' stuff, I just haven't been posting it. 

But finally, here is a new Mario enemy for the series. Personally I wasn't familiar with this one at first, and I think anyone who isn't a die-hard mario fan won't get it... but MAN was he requested by a lot of people and I promised this one right in the beginning. Belome is a big four eyed fat cat out of Super Mario RPG for the SNES. He seems to be a predominant memory for players since the second time you meet him in the game he's a pretty tough dude that can eat a teammate, clone him, and then turn the clone against them in battle. It all sounds rather... not Mario. But I looked it up, saw a video, and it turns out that it is EXACTLY Mario. Plus it's a cat with 4 eyes and a huge tongue. There really wasn't any question whether or not I'd try to tackle it. 

Anyone who knows me knows I don't do turn-based anything in games so I passed this one up during my childhood. I rented it... I tried it... and I thought it was crap that I just had to stand there while the enemy did damage to me. So I hated it. That thought process is still mostly intact for all things turn-based today. Probably gonna catch some flak for throwing that out there... but after seeing some videos of Belome in action... I may just try it.

Friday, September 9, 2011


I was asked to make some menu and intro art by Ironzilla Media for this very awesome flash game. It went up on Armor Games this morning and I can't imagine it disappointing anyone who plays it. I was given pretty free reign by the creator to put my spin on the characters. Really was awesome, and it's nice that it's free and I can share it you all.

So you should play it... go on... play...

Friday, September 2, 2011

Ghast - SotD 147

Here is something Minecraft related I never posted. One of those, "I'll be sure to post it tommorrow" sort of deals. I have a creeper and a skeleton somewhere on this blog as well.

I'm only sort of looking forward to the 1.8 update of Minecraft. Minecraft has been my sort of go to stress reliever. If I was worried, or needed to settle down, Minecraft would soothe me pretty quickly. And I'm not sure how fond I am of it becoming more of a real game... or other people inhabiting the world besides my solitary character. I will admit now that I've experienced the multiplayer side of things, I feel like I really have to give myself tasks to stay interested. Whereas in the single it somehow oozes a certain mood to me that I could much easier get lost in.

Minecraft to me has never been explicitly fun, but it's always been relaxing in a weird way. Why does it feel like 1.8 threatens that?