Friday, March 4, 2011

Boneface Alien

I kept coming back to this one off and one today. I started it this morning when my body just up and refused to sleep, and then did some other stuff and finished it up just now. I've been playing through mass effect 2 off and on for a long while now, and while I've made really no progress in the game itself, expect some aliens and fun stuff because that is one inspiring game. Sort of want the art books. I mean when I do give in and play it I only play for like an hour before I find myself looking for concept art and wanting to paint stuff/work.

Also took the time on this one to practice some texture stuff and what not. Pretty sure I'm gonna chase a concept art gig eventually. Might as well get some of the techniques down instead of being all stubborn and stuff. While I still prefer the painterly look, it did make this really darn quick.

Mass effect 2 is one hell of a game I want more time to play. I bought one of those ridiculously huge steam deal packs where you get 600 something dollars worth of games for like 75 bucks, and I haven't really gotten to play any of them yet. Actually still haven't played anything of the humble indie bundle I plugged not too long ago. Need to turn into a robot, get rid of sleeping and eating... just work and play at a constant rate. I am getting antsy though. I'm spending way too much time behind the computer. A scary amount of retina bleaching time.

And photoshop cs5 is awesome, but I swear it's even slower than cs4 handling psb files. Crashes so much on me, and the half hour save times are really irritating. When I get the cash, 4 more gigs of ram is going into this computerin' machine ASAP.


Rachel Dangerfield said...

The lighting on his face looks really REALLY great. Did you end up entering anything in shows this year?

Jake Murray said...

Looks awesome man. Yeah I get really stubborn about using textures too, but, lo and behold, they do tend to add an extra awesomeness factor. Not that your work really needed it anyway. ;)

Jack C. Gregory said...

Bad-ass. I dig it.

Joshua Minto said...

Sweet lookin' creature! I feel you on the texture thing as well, but they're looking great in your piece. The simple truth is that it does speed everything up and often leads to new ideas. Making most of my own makes me feel better about it ha ha. I think as a general rule if one can't paint or draw the textures themselves they have no business using them because they wont know how to apply them believably.

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