Friday, July 31, 2009

Sketch-a-day 72

Just some quick pen sketches for today. Other than this been attempting to outline a one issue comic that I'll post page by page on here. Writing is not my forte because I love serious stuff as much as I love the absurd. Either way, I can assure you the story will be weird in some way. Just can't come up with anything that wouldn't be a huge stinking comic.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sketch-a-day 71

Dang-nam Nazi sonamabitches, amirite?

This isn't a comic, but feel free to commend me on the amazing story I've told here. Picked up a new sketchbook today. This is the first page, and I made sure I drew it with ballpoint pen. Nothing worse than opening up a nice sketchbook and the first page is smudged to hell and back. Pretty much a reference drawing page, but I've been in a huge slump lately, so when all else fails leech google image search.

I'm glad I got this in before everyone starts doing WWII stuff for when Inglorious Bastards hits theaters. Although I did this because I just watched Miracle at St. Anna. Pretty terrible film, but it looked good. But hopefully someone makes a proper buffalo soldiers film, and doesn't make them look so bad, and isn't 2 and a half hours of poor pacing and bloated story telling.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sketch-a-day 70

Well, the sketch I previewed yesterday is turning into a full fledged illustration. So, it's not done yet. As a constellation prize and to keep this new streak going for 3 days straight, here is a concept for "James and the Giant Peach". It probably looks nothing like he will, if he is even in the illustration, but I liked the pen sketch so I colored it.

Today was an awesome but odd day. To set things off a semi truck decided to do this super cool thing and back into some solitary phone pole knocking out our electric today. Cool fact, hitting the snooze on an alarm isn't so great when the electricity goes out before snooze ends again. Then went on a mini adventure to Long John Silvers. Now, I hate fish. But I carry this constant craving for fish tacos. I don't understand it at all. Some fish I can eat (tilapia, catfish, and fish that is more fried than sea creature), but after hearing that Long John Silvers was giving away free fish tacos I just had to go. An unseen upside to this trip was that I hadn't had hush puppies from there since I was around 6 years old with my aunt. Even longer story short, it was wildly delicious and I finally have Baja Fish Tacos from Long John Silvers to tide my cravings.

Then I worked on the illustration I posted yesterday some more before going out to hit the links. Weird thing, my golf game has been in the crappiest of crappers lately. Managed to tweak the heck out of my shoulder and then play more golf on it for two weeks therefore leading to more bad golf and more ridiculous pain from a singular muscle that refused to heal. But screw it, I'm young still. (am I? Twenty-one feels young and stupid still). Eventually I just took a break from the golf courses to let it settle a bit as I didn't feel right popping ibuprofen before every round. Well today was my first day back out since that ordeal. First half of the round was abysmal. Topping shots, missing putts without any semblance of a good read, and a still aching shoulder.

Then for what ever reason, I shifted my stance up 3 inches to play the ball more off of my front foot. At this point the skies parted and I was berated with sunshine and rainbows, and some babies were born, and some other joyous events happened. The shot took off, a pitching wedge from 135 yards out- it rockets up and then plummets down to the green taking just a short little one foot hop, after giving me the best kind of thumping sound the game of golf can offer. Four foot from the pin. From there it just continued, and it all fell into place in one swing. It all came rushing back after being away from golf for 3/4 of a year. Putts, chipping, irons, and driving all back to shake my hand and say "hello".

I consider this a good day in my book, especially after just having a mini "Dead Like Me" marathon and watching a lot of torrents wrap up. Now I just need to burn these first few eps of True Blood to see what is so great about it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sketch-a-day 69

Going into over time on today's sketch-a-day. So here's a taste of it.

In other news today I was busy getting the oondu overhaul complete. So now it is what I like to call "prettified" and has taken a turn for the better I think and lightened up a bit. Stop by there and let the artists know what you think. Cause' they are awesome, and you know it (clap your hands). Or just go over there and give me really nice compliments on everything I've ever done. That's ok too.

Actually, if you sort by my name as a tag it's kind of neat how you can track my progress from all of last year at school.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sketch-a-day 68

Back on the wagon. Today I woke up and actually felt excited to do some sort of sketch today. I have doodles and stuff everywhere, but nothing really worthy of posting on here, mostly due to awesome summer distractions. But, I'm switching up the style a bit to avoid getting bored, and to keep things moving. Also in the process of doing some James and the Giant Peach illustrations. Hope to have something on those soon.

Made a robot today. Threw all of my hang-ups about trying to do something different than what I normally would do. Screw it. Sick of doing different things. This stuff is just fun. Although seeing glicks posts makes me want to do a motorcycle so bad.