Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Adventurer... kind of.

Went streaming again for a bit and to redeem myself from the sketch that prefaced the sea monster I painted up another female adventurer. Although, the further I went the more, zombie apocalypse she got. Still was fun though. Took way too long though. A pretty embarrassing amount of time for such a simple sketch. Ah well, how it goes sometimes. Just wasn't making good decisions as I painted it.

Shamble away Frankenstein.

This is the result of tonight's impromptu stream. Decided to paint something up real quick and frankenstein came to mind first. Took about an hour to finish. Then I wasted another half hour doing all sorts of stuff to it that I ended up undoing. So before I got trapped in a poorly planned, slightly random finishing process for 5 or 6 more hours I called it quits.

Still sort of getting used to the pressure of having people watch me paint. Have to remember not to rush.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sea Monster is still stuck in an uncomfortable stare. But slightly different.

I made some quick revisions to the sea monster I doodled up last night. I'm a bit more happy with this version. I've been liking square compositions more and more.

I'm catching them all?

I stumbled across a forum topic where a budding artist was taking requests to draw pokemon, then she would draw them from memory. Now personally, I've never really played pokemon. When the craze hit during the 5th grade I had some cards, but I couldn't "shoot things with guns" in the games, so I lost interest pretty quickly. But I still have some nostalgia for it. I think the final straw was that knock off "mewtwo" card they gave out at the pokemon movie screening as a promotional. That was not a real pokemon card. I was entirely dissapointed, as at the time he was the one I thought looked the coolest.

Anyway, before I get too sidetracked, she's posted something like 68 so far, maybe more. Just an awesome amount of these little doodles and she's streaming them as well. Great artist, and the lines on these things are great. So I've been coloring them as warm-ups and just for fun. It's absolutely relaxing to color these. It's like I've got my coloring book and crayons again.

Be sure to check out Carly's stuff...
Her Blog:
Her Stream:

If you didn't read any of that: I just did the colors on these. I did not draw the lines.

You don't watch sea monster. Sea monster watches you.

I'm streaming again. New link, and you can watch me here! 

This was the rather random result of streaming last night for a good 4 hours. I was watching a stream and the broadcaster had to leave, and I ended up broadcasting in her place. For the first hour I struggled with a weak drawing until finally giving up on trying to save it. So, I asked what I should draw/paint and "monster" was thrown out. After the previous effort, I stuck with a relaxing headshot. There's a lot of stuff here, technique-wise, reapplied from the fictional mass effect character I did, but some new stuff too.

My favorite thing being that to get the red tint in the eyes I made a copy of this very same painting, tinted it heavily read, then stretched the picture so it wouldn't be recognizable, then masked it over the black eyes this fellow has. Im quite pleased with this one. Had fun with it, because it was painted with 6-7 other people who were great company, but also because of the result achieved in 3 hours worth of work. 

All Photoshop - 8.5x11

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mike Puncekar... Not so Live

Well, Ustream banned me for copyright infringement... of what?... I have no idea. So until I work this out with them I guess no live shows.

I think maybe they got me on the music I was streaming as I painted? But I've seen a heck of a lot of channels do that. So I'm at a loss as to why it was a problem now. And if it was because of the tiny bit of nudity I was painting at the time, why does it say I've infringed a copyright, hell if that isn't defamation. Need that off of there fast. Not exactly words I want attached to my illustrations. If it was Terms of Service thing I get that... but that is way different.

So Ustream... I take all the nice things I said about you back.

UPDATE: I worked it out with ustream, as in I am still banned and never allowed to stream again due to a boob violation. So, when I get the time I shall resume again on since I have a much better grasp on live streaming now. It's sort of irritating that they offer an education/drawing channel and don't allow the human form in it's entirety. If it was lewd, I may understand, but it's sort of a big part of drawing otherwise.

Mike Puncekar... LIVE

So I finally found an easy way to stream what's happening on my screen and I tested it today for the first time. Ustream, I would like to thank you and your fantastic software. Getting this to work with any sort of decent quality on was too much.

I streamed for 3 hours taking requests from people and just sort of screwing around. So far I think I'm pretty happy with the set-up. I can run music in the channel and talk to people with the mic while I paint and work on projects. As long as it's fun or personal chances are I'll be broadcasting it.

But for future reference I'll be announcing when I start on my twitter here:

And broadcasting on the channel here:

Anyway, I got three mini-paints done during 3 hours. Something for the irish today, a meaner sonic, and a magician dude who is looking a bit venture brothers.

Edit: Just realized I uploaded the wrong sonic. Finished version now in the post.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

More fun stuff I guess

I did this while I was waiting for a friend to tell me to head over to his place. Could have been more ambitious though, I also watched the social network while I waited. Which speaking of, is such a  seriously good movie. Even as a pretty stalwart anti-facebook user, the dialogue in that film is just so good I just have to adore it. Paired with a favorite director, fantastic cinematography, trent reznor bringing his brilliance to the soundtrack, and a trailer hooking you with radiohead lyrics... it's just not fair to other films.

Anyway, more mass effect poop since I was just screwing around in photoshop. Had a happy accident and found a new way to add a great texture. Love it when that happens.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Boneface Alien

I kept coming back to this one off and one today. I started it this morning when my body just up and refused to sleep, and then did some other stuff and finished it up just now. I've been playing through mass effect 2 off and on for a long while now, and while I've made really no progress in the game itself, expect some aliens and fun stuff because that is one inspiring game. Sort of want the art books. I mean when I do give in and play it I only play for like an hour before I find myself looking for concept art and wanting to paint stuff/work.

Also took the time on this one to practice some texture stuff and what not. Pretty sure I'm gonna chase a concept art gig eventually. Might as well get some of the techniques down instead of being all stubborn and stuff. While I still prefer the painterly look, it did make this really darn quick.

Mass effect 2 is one hell of a game I want more time to play. I bought one of those ridiculously huge steam deal packs where you get 600 something dollars worth of games for like 75 bucks, and I haven't really gotten to play any of them yet. Actually still haven't played anything of the humble indie bundle I plugged not too long ago. Need to turn into a robot, get rid of sleeping and eating... just work and play at a constant rate. I am getting antsy though. I'm spending way too much time behind the computer. A scary amount of retina bleaching time.

And photoshop cs5 is awesome, but I swear it's even slower than cs4 handling psb files. Crashes so much on me, and the half hour save times are really irritating. When I get the cash, 4 more gigs of ram is going into this computerin' machine ASAP.