Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Undertaker: Is Ready to Under Take

Wrapped up on "The Undertaker" art today. The story here is that he's leading a parade of the dead. I have more textures in this thing than I have ever used on anything else before it. I'm sure you can tell. Definitely a fun one.

Next big assignment is to illustrate an edgar allan poe story. Still flip flopping on what exact story to do but that should be a fun one.

In other news I'm embarking upon an older movies marathon of sorts. Whenever I can, I'm gonna squeeze in my favorites. I just finished "The Great Escape" and I think I'm feeling like "Jeremiah Johnson" to usher in the cold whether. The majority is totally going to turn out to be Steve McQueen movies, but the dude is awesome.

Edit: Toned down the blacks into something more manageable and easier on the eyes.

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Cassandra Cappello said...

this looks great! it is so creepy! I love the way you went about putting the detail on the faces it looks awesome