Monday, October 12, 2009

Sketch-a-day 88

Before I get into all my work tonight I decided to fix up this sketch I doodled out in classes today. A potential boxer project is coming up and I was just having some fun with it.

Another weird thing today, I finished up registering for my last semester at CCAD. Feels good. Here's hoping to at least some mild success in the illustration world.


Alex Lyon said...

This is on my favorites list. haha Is this still on the table to go to a final?

Finn Clark said...

Nice piece. I love the diffused lights. Don't worry about getting work, I'm sure you'll be fine! I started my Illustration course last week. Exciting!

Mike Puncekar said...

Eh, it was never gonna go to final because it's still just an out of control sketchbook page.

I think I'm more bummed about the whole next stage thing. Art school is the good life. Even if they deprive you of sleep and other human essentialsto complete the massive workload.

C.R. MacTernan said...

Mike! Your stuff is looking great as always man. I want to comment on all of them but I am just going to be lazy and do a general YOU ROCK right here. ;) I think your going to blow all our socks off in the "next stage", personally. And imma scared! Seriously though, you got your shit locked down and it's very impressive. You can only get better!! I can't wait.