Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sun Giant - SotD 123

This sketch has been a long time coming. I sketched this out in pencil on a car ride over 2 years ago. Went digging through my sketchbook and came across it again- just had to color it. I miss this sort of cartoony, style I used to use, but I leaned towards the realistic so I could learn a bit faster about value and color.

Not a whole lot of story on this one, but I believe the over arching idea was just to put down the sort of image I saw while listening to the Fleet Foxes's Sun Giant. Drew it while going home for a weekend from school, and since I'm in ohio, the fields all around the highway had an effect.

Not sure if this is still a sketch-a-day, since I think I took it a bit further than that, but I'm putting it in that category anyway.


David Hovey said...

Yeah, you missed midnight.

Mike Puncekar said...

Well. Just had to rub it in, hmm? All fixed now. With art stuff.

Rachel Dangerfield said...

This is rad as hell! I remember this sketch really well actually. I always loved it.

David Hovey said...

You made up for it. congrats, sick painting