Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sketch-a-day Vol 2 010

This was a quick in-class exercise from today. About 2 hours from beginning to end. We had to conceive a new reality show and make an illustration with 2 or more characters in it. So, I created a show where 8 contestants enter the house under the impression that it will be a big brother type situation, but every once in awhile a siren goes off, the lights dim and something goes awry, ranging from a toilet overflowing to bee swarms, to a full on minotaur slaughtering a house member. Good times.

I really love these assignments, there's jsut no time to think, and in that there just isn't really any pressure. Also fun to do with the whole entire class at once, and to really see what people can do on a true time frame. Although I did lose the original file due to the ridiculous amounts of virtual memory that photoshop gobbles up, had fun.


PhiL said...

HAHAHAH id definately watch that

Dave Armstrong said...

starting to get a little colorful, mike.