Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Hound of Kings

Recently I was contacted to do a quick sketch for a silent auction in alabama. The subject was weimaraners. More specifically for a an event to raise money for a rescue foundation for weimaraner's in Alabama, Mississippi, parts of Tennessee, Georgia and Louisiana. The event is march 6th in Homewood, AL. Looks like a good time, so if you live around there check it out, and bid on my drawing, please. Thanks to Vanessa for giving me the chance to contribute. The idea behind the drawing was that Weimaraner's are considered the dogs of king's since their breeding came about as a result of the king's wanted decent hunting dogs to accompany them. They did their job so well, that it was among one of the first breeds to be accepted in the home to live with their owners, so in a sense, they have a royal bloodline, as well as one of the most historic.

In other news this place has been a bit quiet since I have a lot of projects going right now, but I'll be updating soon enough. Want to thank everyone for the support lately. Gives me the ol' warm and fuzzies in the heart regions.

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