Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Comicbook Cover Finished, Finally

So its 6:45 on the dot as I type this. A new day that I have greeted, and prepped for all through the night. This all nighter stuff. Is getting old. Just got back for goodness sakes. 

If you've seen the previous posts, you are probably going "Michael, wasn't this red before?" and I would have to say yes. "Yes, it was". But I sat down yesterday and after almost 2 fruitless weeks of staring at it. I was sick of that stinking red. And I was more sick of the oils. So we have here a painting that is half oils, half digital. Started digitally painting at 10 o'clock. This one took awhile to finish up. I'm a bit loopy right now. So glad though, that this is out of the way. Especially since I've been running around singing about the end of the world and the AOI show.

The same AOI show that now has a blog! GO. Visit it. Be free. 

I am really sleepy. I had to edit this three times. Sorry to those that follow. 

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Alex Lyon said...

I can't belive you made that mess work... Kudos> haha