Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Comic Cover Still Continuing Part Duex.


Got a better picture in this light, especially since the liquin has settled down a bit. The monster doesn't have teeth yet. Which are the main selling concept of him. Think snake teeth, and shark teeth combined. Nothing has changed since the previous picture. Gonna start popping out the figures tonight.

Just plugging away at it, pushing, pulling, ruining... adding red like a crazy man. NOt really sure where I'm going with it yet. Which is probably bad.


Brian David Elliott said...

Ill stuff man - believe it.

I've scrolled through the blog and i'm profoundly impressed, you've got a serious drive here. The strengths under your belt is the fluidity between styles - i'm really enjoying what you've got going on, keep it up and keep having fun with it.

Linking up, for sure.

Mark Molnar said...

hmmm... its getting a bit messy, but I still like the mood. I quiet like the monster, but it might be good to think through the move of the guy a bit more.
looking forward to see the next step!