Thursday, March 29, 2012

Final Round!

Two posts in a row with exclamation points in the post title, things are happening all over the place... invited me to take part in the Final Round show it's hosting at Made in Asia Convention being held in Bruxelles, Belgium this weekend. So it may be a bit late for you to go to the show, but you should if you can, I mean drop what you are doing and go to Belgium if you are truly a good person... but no worries because not only is this for the show it will be available as a limited run 16"x24" print on the geek-art store complete with a signed certificate of authenticity to make it official.  

I'm so excited about this one, and it's been difficult just sitting on it waiting to post it. It's a huge print and there's a lot of subtle touches that just get lost here. And I mean, c'mon, it's Zelda. 

There is all sorts of stuff going on over at and more about the show so check it out. If you think there's a staggering amount of exclamation marks going down here, you should see it over there. It's a punctuation screaming match. 

English translation in the second paragraph


Rachel Dangerfield said...

Still love the colors and lighting on this guy.

Also, dropping everything for a visit to Belgium sounds pretty great.

Melisa Des Rosiers said...

Yes, Yes, Yes. So dark and delicious. Congrats on the work and I think you did a fabulous job. Man, if only I could drop everything and hit up Belgium. :/ Will you be going to the show? Also.. is this digital?

Need to check out dem prints STAT.

Tim said...

Waw. I love it. I can see how there must be a lot of details you don't catch at first glance, but it's an amazing piece. Your art is just beautiful ! If only I knew earlier you were in Belgium (I live in France and I actually started working as an illustrator for a belgian editor)

Anonymous said...

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