Saturday, February 25, 2012

Steampunk Western Sniper

Here is a sketch that got slightly out of hand. After it was done though I was so pleased and just had to throw it up on here. It's probably the first thing in a long, long while that I've painted without any sort of photo-manipulation techniques or any added textures after the fact. I just... well, I just painted. So much fun and a bit refreshing to get away from my normal process.


Unknown said...

aaaaahhh, still so awesome! i'm digging the limited palette! but it's just nice to see you post something! not that i'm really one to talk ;)

Mike Puncekar said...

Ah, thanks. I'm going to try to get posting more again. I've been slacking on it more than I ever should have.

I miss sketch-a-day. But the sketches have been so scattershot it's not stuff really worth posting. A lot of experimental junk.

Anonymous said...

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