Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sketch-a-day 78

For now, until it's most likely filled with work hours soon, I have a nice chunk of 3 hours between classes, so I doodled this out while watching two episodes of House. Gotta love how just coming back to Columbus has entirely reinvigorated my will to draw.

Also been doing a lot of research for my Illustrative drawing class, and I've chosen Cambodian temples to be my setting for the story we write in there.. But if you look at my illustrations, I don't do much vegetation, mostly because it seems boring to do. But I gotta do it sooner or later so why not now. The strange woman on the pole was inspired by a chinese monkey god, whom supposedly had a staff that could change sizes and connect the heavens and earth. So I drew the staff.

And I decided to put a naked demon girl on it. What else?