Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sketch-a-day 022

Three quick comps for black and white tomorrow. Assignment was to do a dvd cover, so i chose one of my favorite movies. I think it works out and sets the tone well enough. Worked harder pumping out thumbs than these though. I want to do the center one. By far my favorite. I doubt I can get away with the last one and receive a good grade even though it's my second pick.

 Have two marker sketches I did today specifically for the sketch-a-day, but no time to dig my scanner out. Have to prep for a writing fiction workshop in 4 hours. It's crazy just how badly I manage my time. Thank goodness I'm a night owl. Here I come microsoft word. 

And tomorrow barreling through a full illustration I've been putting off for a few weeks. If you see this Mahan, this Celebrity/Animal assignment... I hate it with passion.


Unknown said...

Those are all pretty cool. I really like the simplicity of the first one.

Lunchbox said...

If I may, the second one could be a fantastic outside cover or sleeve with the third being the inside cover. Maybe a 15th anny release thing?
Are you going to take heat because this is really three colors, though? Red is sort of not black or white.
The celebrity animal project...
It's a golden oldie. I never had to do it.

Curious said...

i also enjoy the first one the best. i think the type is solved well.

Unknown said...

Mostly at Lunchbox: I don't think this is an example of a three color piece. Considering that color limitation is usually only relevant for printing purposes, you have to consider the print surface... in this case probably a white paper... so it's really just two color: black and red. Although... red still isn't black or white... regardless, still pretty tastey designs.

Vlad says awesome.

Mike Puncekar said...

Thanks for the input, all.

Actually to resolve the three color issue, the rules on this one were the actual illustration had to be two color. Type could be a different color. So I bent it on the last one, but I think that was a lost cause.

Still not sure which one I'm gonna do, the 1st or second. The first one has a ton of issues, but would probably make a more illustrative thang. The second one I just want to do for fun. I just like drawing monkey faces. And I want it on my wall, as narcissistic as that is haha.

I totally agree with you about the sleeve thing though josh, I almost wish it was an ad and graph project.

Barbara Benas said...

Dude, 12 Monkeys is one of my favorites too. Brazil edges past it though, in my opinion. Terry Gilliam is my fucking hero.. The dvd has a really shitty cover too, you did a good job making me forget how terrible it is. I like the middle one, but if you're the elitist that I am I'd go with the first, because people seem to forget that this movie is dystopian sci-fi.

Lunchbox said...

Yeah, this could be an idea you save for a rainy day if you need it for an ad and graph piece. Just plain solid stuff, bub.
You're in a unique position. rarely did I ever have three really solid ideas to choose from.
I assumed that the additional color was OK since it's for Kane. He's a harsh feller when it comes to following his guidelines.