Monday, May 30, 2011

Viking Battlemage Outtake - SotD 121

Well. There is a bunch in here that I love, but without some serious fixing I can't do a whole bunch more to it. So I'm considering this a bit of and outtake for now. So many things that still need drawn, redrawn, and painted to complete the idea to really bring it to even a painterly ending.

Anyway, I saw Thor, which was awesome, and felt the need to do some norse character. Thor was so much better than I thought it was going to be. The Mythical realms in it were just mind-blowing. Such great concept work. Although, the character development was so rushed it could have been a trilogy. Otherwise all the character changes felt like they were done out of convenience for the plot, than as actual development.

Start of the third week of sketches. I think I already broke my previous record. I'd like to thank podcasts and ambient music. But not terraria. That game was a mistake. A horrible, addictive mistake. It's a good thing that my partner in crime on that game is going to the netherlands for a month and a half. Definitely one of those, "well I'll hop in for an hour" and then suddenly it's been a week and you have a beard and animals living in your hair.

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