Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dark Elf/Skyrim - SotD 112 Part 1

Before I take this too far today, I figured I'd post it, and finish it up tommorrow, than not have anything today, as I ended up starting 3 sketches all at once and it really slowed me down. But this one will be finished up tommorrow. Or so I think.


So I wasn't happy with what I had at all, and was sort of just winging it without any sort of plan whatsoever. I took a step back, made a plan, and now I'm reworking it into something I like more. So here is an updated WIP. Lots of changes, but good ones. The lump there in the gap will be turning into a dragon peering through/passing. Next step is to make decisions on foreground elements, and to finish the drawing. Really backward, slow way to work on this one. Could have avoided quite a bit of time if I had just taken my time and known what I was gonna try to achieve.

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