Friday, May 27, 2011

A Respite from Dark Things - SotD 120

Been listening to podcasts while working on stuff. Not sure how I got so far on just music. This is just multi tasking at it's best. Next step: Painting audiobooks.

I do so many dark things, I decided to do some cute creatures. This sort of thing... so hard to come up with something with any sort of uniqueness to it. So many creatives have attacked this problem that you really have to try to break away from the formula. but when you do, it kids way less kid friendly. I feel like now it's become a style race rather than a design race as far as happy-go-lucky designs go. Not saying I tried to do that. I just started sketching...

Step 1. Take an animal
Step 2. Add two big eyes
Step 3. Add hyper antics
Optional Extra: Snaggletooth
Step 4. Make millions.

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