Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Vampire Lady 2/4 - SotD 114

Thinking I have two more vampire girls in me. I have never been one for pin-up art or anything like that, so while these are actually pretty challenging for me, still fun. I'm gonna be honest here, my strong points lie with drawing men and monsters. But this one took half the time the other did. So I'm gonna do two more, make it potential series layout in a 2x2 grid.

In the last few days it's come to my attention that you can play old Super Nintendo games online with a buddy using the right emulator, and I just want to say that I do not remember Donkey Kong Country being so freakin' hard to beat. I must have been one heck of a masochistic kid to have gotten just 90% on the first one. DK country 2 has been beaten, and me and my friend are gonna move onto DK 3. I didn't even know there was a third. It stars Dixie: a broken, hair swinging jerkface (and I say this because I played Diddy Kong), and some giant baby monkey. And since Diddy was replaced, guess who got the giant baby. Not quite sure what nintendo/rare were thinking about on this one, other than cashing in on an insanely popular franchise, but a BABY? And he controls like Donkey Kong from the first game, but... why not just use Donkey Kong? Also, where where the heck are these monkeys all coming from Rare? You have an island that is pretty much, Donkey Kong (worst first name ever btw), Diddy, Dixie, an old crotchety Gorilla, a game show host (probably some mental illness at work), and a nutjob that taped a barrel to some salvage yard airplane wings- which through the power of imagination and nintendo magic takes you from world to world.

What poor mother has to put up with all these jerks? I mean all they do is wander out into the jungle drunk on banana juice and kill hundreds of things just hanging out. For what? To get back some stolen bananas? I think I had a pen taken from me awhile back, I guess I'll go out and send them into a bottomless chasm. But on this island, with bananas everywhere, underwater even, this is like if Trump wondered out of his Golden apartment and begged on the streets for coins. It's just excessive. Monkeys... get some help.

A baby Rare? 
And these games keep getting more kid like, but they are so difficult...

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