Saturday, October 10, 2009

"Wet" "Willy"

So this was a really fun, quick assignment. Goal was to pump out an illustration based on two words, mine were "wet" and "willy". This one started off really scary. The previous night I skipped, what I assumed to be a work day, due to being up for over 24 hours. I took a nap, that turned into impossible to get off of couch disaster. I went into sleep coma, and didn't even get the text from a buddy telling me to get to class and get my words.

It was a great sleep.

So the next day I go into class, a six hour studio class with C.F. Payne. I took everything I could carry, supply wise, as I had no idea what were words were gonna be. Everyone else was given their words and allowed to do research, take reference, along with any and all preliminary work short of working on it once it was down on board. I get to class. No Payne. Panic sets in as everyone else is working, and I really start to feel antsy. It wasn't until an hour later that I had my words. To compound my problems I settled on acrylic and color pencil, a combination I have never truly worked in, and I was utilizing a 2 year old piece of cold press illustration board I had sitting in my closet.

How I pulled this out of my butt, and why it went so smoothly I'll never know, but if I had to guess it would probably have been that nap. It's not perfect but it was done from start to finish in under 5 hours.

Acrylic and Colored Pencil on Cold Press Illustration Board 8"x8"

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