Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Mongols.

So, it has indeed been awhile since I've updated. This is mostly due to craziness of my current schedule and not wasting a single scrap of free time I can scrounge up. This is part one of a two part all-nighter. Tomorrow calls for another complete finish. And maybe I'll be able to post it before I fall asleep.

Started this one about 6 p.m. with just a blue line drawing. About 10 hours of work here, and a lot of waiting time as the amount of layers in the file tried to murder my computer. I can't say I'm not pleased with how it turned out in the end, especially for something with such a last minute, nervous kind of deadline over my head. There's a lot I'd like to still do to it, but all of my other assignments are urging me onward. I over heard a senior my freshman year talking about how easy senior year is. I would like to punch him in the face.

Really, really hard.

Anyways, this one is about a battle that the mongols and the french templar knights had oh so long ago. The Templar knights were the only ones who really put up a good fight against the mongols. Plus, Templars are o.k. guys.

Photoshop over Blue Line Drawing 9"x18"


Rachel Dangerfield said...

According to the time stamp on this post, I believe you finished up at least an hour and a half before your first class, so a hefty and enthusiastic round of applause goes to you, sir.

And you know this already, but I love this piece. LOVE. You did a really nice job on the portraits too...

ernesto said...

this piece is looking sick. i love the atmosphere you created. one thing though, at first i did not get the concept of a battle because of the two figures in the front, they seem to be going along with the guy on the hose... just a thought

Mike Puncekar said...


Ernesto, that's a pretty good point. To make the deadline I had to chop this thing up, so when I revisit this one, i can remedy the problem, by either pushing it in a more decorative way, or by getting some more vs. situations in there.