Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Tell-Tale Heart WIP

So this was part 2 of the two day all nighter. I slept pretty good last night but I'm still all sorts of groggy. But after classes I did go to barnes and nobles, as tired as I was, and picked up this book called France 360. Totally awesome. Just plain amazing reference material. The pages open up into like 3 foot long panoramics. For the price it's so worth it. Here's a link to it.

Back on track, here. I had to do an illustration on the Edgar Allen Poe's "Tell-tale Heart". Really fun assignment but I had a lot of issues getting it off of the back burner and working on it. It's kind of like the mongol piece, I had to edit it quite a bit to meet the deadline, can't miss those, and did the best I could, but this one in particular could use a few more hours, and I cropped off the bottom that sounded good until I drew it. So I'm declaring this a work in progress until i get around and fix a lot of the issues with it. Till then I gotta start cranking away on my Monkey tale I've touched on a few times, and get moving on a Tour de France illustration.


Jeffrey Lai said...

that France book looks rather interesting! I may have to look into it too

I love these limited palette paintings you've been doing, I think I may give it a go sometime

Mike Puncekar said...

Book is pretty crazy. I'm half tempted to take a photo or two of it and put it up on here, just to show it off a bit.

ernesto said...

this looks good. its had a really dark anxious feeling.
i love how simple the characters are, yet, they tell so much

Bernadette said...

i love the art deconess of this piece. i dig the bright red floor too.