Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Hyena General

This is what happens when I have a short amount of time to do an assignment, and it comes up suddenly on the horizon. Does feel good to have the urge to do a Hyena out of my system.

Mixed Media on Wood Board, Digital 8"x 6"


Coey said...

FADRRRRRRR . wish i was in one of your clases this semester. I'd kill to see your recent sketches @__@ omnomnom

Finn Clark said...

Beautiful mix of traditional/digital. I love the glow of white around the shoulders, and the half tone pattern too. Super cheeky.

SHYsuiko said...

i feel bas cuz i always look at your blog and never comment >____>

as always i love your work, aspecially your sketches just because i envy them soooo much. i really love how your digital painting's coming a long ways recently too. <3