Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sketch-a-day 86 87

Two sketch-a-days from two pages I really like at the moment. First half is a quick life drawing from my Professional Practices class. Maybe 10 minutes of quick drawing or so. Then for the second half of that page instead of doing more life drawing like I should have done, I drew those pirates in some sort of a hostage situation with some sketchy pirate language.

After I ate a bit in class I started the second page after I again asked Alex Lyon for an idea of what to draw and he said: "Titanic Mechanic" which boiled down to guy wit a wrench after I realized I knew nothing about Titanic's mechanics. And lastly, some quick studies for an upcoming Tell-Tale Heart Illustration.

1 comment:

Alex Lyon said...

Well first off that is a great C.F. Payne. Second, I love the pirate sketch. You really got some great movement in that.