Thursday, July 7, 2011

It would seem... - News post

It would seem that the Mario Enemy series has gone a tiny bit viral. It's being featured on quite a few website all over the world, and I'm suddenly getting new twitter/blog followers. First, very flattered that people are digging them. Most artists are modest, but they still love to hear nice feedback, even if they don't know how to react back to it. So let me just say thanks.

Also, a few things:

1. Prints are definitely coming very, very soon. I wanted to get my new portfolio site up before that, but the response to these has been quite overwhelming, so for the safety of myself and people buying prints I will have a storefront up where you can purchase prints and original artwork.

2. I'm still going to be continuing the series. I have maybe 7 more left I intend to do, and 2 full illustrations. So stay tuned. Next monday I will be resuming my update schedule of every M,T,W,Th, F... so keep on checking back.

3. I'm also going to continue streaming while I paint. So if that interests you, follow me on twitter at:

And you'll be notified of when I start the stream, and you can watch me paint.

Again thank you, it truly is flattering if not also a bit surreal.


Anonymous said...

Keep it up. I always knew that scary thinking monkey statue would have some value in your life. ;)

Lucio Martin said...

I am part of this virus, like many of his works, I'm a big fan of Nintendo

Himadri said...

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FamilyOfMyOwn said...

I fell in love with your Mario Enemy pieces immediately. You better believe I will be ordering prints as soon as they are available. Totally bad ass.