Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Boo - SotD 143

Revisted boo today. Much much happier with it. May tweak it later but it's definitely done for now.

I have to say that, I have to be so careful right now... because so many awesome tv shows are starting up again. C'mon entertainment industry... not cool... New Top Gear, new Curb Your Enthusiam, Breaking Bad is starting up, the truly awful True Blood is going, new Jon Benjamin has a Van, Penn and Teller Fool Us is going (sucker for magic shows), new Louie eps... just so much amazing entertainment. I just went two months with a no tv rule, and now that this stuff is back I just keep losing huge chunks of time and I don't really realize it. Thank goodness for being able to multi task with a dual monitor set-up. Anyway, this is just a giant lead-in so I can just express how excited I am for new Breaking Bad episodes. Look forward to that as much as Dexter episodes.

In the next day or two I'll be streaming. So keep an eye posted on the twitter.


ИMLSS said...

Hi Mike!! I've seen a bit (maybe 15 or 20 pages) of your blog and I'm pretty impressed. I'm an amateur illustrator, and I'd like to ask you for some advice.

You use Photoshop. Ok, me too. But.... how you do it to make your illustrations so smooth and dirty at the same time? I mean, you can't clearly see the strokes on them but they look kinda granulated. And I love how does that looks.

Do you use some kind of brush made by you? It's just the opacity? Any texture picture to apply on the final result of the illustration? I'll try to watch you live the next time you're on to see you anyways.

And sorry for this fucking big comment (and for my english).

Mike Puncekar said...

No worries, thank you.

It's mostly a combination of custom brushes and photo textures. I'll gladly go into a bit more detail if you e-mail me, but it probably would be easier just to catch a cast. The Goomba is saved, so if you visit my casting page you can watch it at your leisure. Pokey is also saved, but not as recommended. The process on that one was a mess.


Mr.Wednesday said...

Excellent work! As always! :) Keep it up!

Melisa Des Rosiers said...

ho man... this boo is BADASS. I CAN HAZ BOO PRINT?! Hurry, hurry!! Take my money!

vladyjr said...

WOW! I love the detail on the picture. you can actually see his SCULL ON HIS HEAD! amazing work! I would love to see mario fighting these guys. they look so creapy!