Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bullet Bill - SotD 144

Woo... sorry guys.. got a late start and this took way longer than expected. Took so long getting the perspective down. Then of course I sat here and wept as I blurred it all.

Definite favorite here personally... The mechanical ones take so long. Like the bob-omb... most of that was spent on getting the perspective on those darn feet right. This one was spent getting the nose right becuase for some reason I was dead set on a hollow point tip.


FamilyOfMyOwn said...

Seriously, amazing. Anxiously awaiting the announcement of prints available for purchase!

GRIZZLEtheBEAR said...

This by far my favorite out of all the rest. I love how you did the destructive wake. Definitely makes it look much harder to jump over haha. I love the textured lines you blend with all your paintings, but on this one in particular it just makes the metal look far more realistic. I wish this was a figurine.