Monday, July 18, 2011

Birdo - SotD 145

It's been an interesting few days. Some really cool stuff is happening. I'll have some more news later. But I've been really trying to get a storefront up to sell the prints on. The prints are ready, but my original plan for selling them fell through, and I'll found an alternative, but I imagine it may be a few days longer as I now put up a legit personal store that isn't so much as going through a third party. Cannot wait to be done with it. I don't want to read anymore Terms of Service and Copyright contracts. You never, ever read one and be like, didn't mind that... I don't know how lawyers do it.

So I put the store  aside and pumped out another Mario Enemy for you guys that have been checking in. Hope you dig it. I think this one came out rather well. I didn't stray so far from the original that I don't think people won't get it. If anything I imagine Birdo and timing the jump on top of those eggs haunted most of us as kids. Until I started doing these I didn't actually realize how brilliant mario 2 was. It was sort fo a strange leap to make from Mario as far as game mechanics went. It always had that different feel.


Kenien said...

It's only so diff because it's a completely diff game, thathad Mario characters injected to it. But that aside, GREAT ART

ACJ Productions® said...

Which program you use to make these illustrations??

Chris E. said...

I came here after finding the article about your work in the October 2011 issue of Nintendo Power. Your work is amazing.