Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sketch-a-day Vol. 2 008

Stewart - Age 10

In the town of Goosebury lives Stewart Appleton, a small boy whose misadventures in sailing his miniature boat changed him into a hideous remnant of a human being. On a pond positioned in front of a chemical overflow pipe from the Lexico Lead Stripper plant, little Stewart Appleton sailed his boat, and unfortunately for him this was the day that a bird flew through and open window and into the vat, clogging a very special pipe. In an emergency they flushed the vats to keep the cleaner from turning flammable as machines sparked and workers scattered. So Stewart sailed his boat unaware, when suddenly he was nearly drowned by 10 tons of Lexico Lead Stripper chemicals. He awoke blurry eyed, and severely disfigured. His boat was lost.

Stewart is still making his way in the world many years after losing his boat as a high school janitor, where his appearance has never once been questioned. Although, it is suspected that he is currently building a ray gun that can shrink boats down to petite sizes, he lives happily in the attic of his grandparent's house where he can often be seen peeking out from behind a small curtain in a small window.

(My entry to the now alive again Sketch-to-death blog)


Anthony Diecidue said...

Nice sketch and interesting story. Does Stewart grow up to be a super villain, cursed with disfigurement and a psychotic hatred for the establishment but super genius level intelligence.

Mike Puncekar said...

Yes. Absolutely.