Saturday, January 2, 2010

A New Year, A New Sketch-a-day

It's time to start the new year. As far as new years go, this is sort of a big one I would think. School will officially end and I'm gonna have to grow up or some such nonsense, and hopefully, I'll be able to make something out of this hobby turned career called "Illustration". But that's not a for a few months. So besides that, and realizing that all the little kids I knew have entered high school which weirds me out, things are gonna be normal for a bit. So I thought, this is the perfect time to revamp sketch-a-day.

I used to be pretty on the ball about sketch-a-day. If you check out my back logs over there you can see I was doing alright. Then once last summer hit it's been spiraling downward. So I made a resolution this year: to update this blog four or more times a week. I have some ideas ranging from using it to develop a universe of sorts, or to turn it into an ongoing comic for at least an "issue". But my hopes are high that this is one resolution I won't break.

2009 was a good year though.I made a bunch of break throughs as far as art goes, and met a lot of artists I've always respected. Got in my first book, won my first art contest, and made a few pictures I actually like quite a bit.

In 2010, look forward to a limited offerings of prints, and I'm hoping to do some sketch trades or something with a few people on here if they will have it.

To kick it off I'm going to update everyday for two weeks straight. Keep on checking back.

Sketch-a-day Vol. 2 001


Bakkanekko said...

this sketch's soo cool o.o

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy this!