Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sketch-a-day Vol. 2 006

Oh man, I am super behind. While I have done a good 10 or so new sketchbook pages, it's all a bit crap. It's not terrible, but in trying to get my drawings more dynamic and correct, I've been experimenting, so while there may be success on a page, right next to it will be a drawing I wouldn't show to the blind.

But I feel like I'm so close to clearing that next checkpoint drawing and really being able to knock these things out 10 times easier and really being able to push it.


Melisa Des Rosiers said...

I know exactly how you feel!!! Keep sketching and for every 10 sketches not worthy for the blind, perhaps there'll be one fit to show a near-blind person. ~_^

I like this sketch too; definitely a pretty dynamic figure. I just wish I could see the whole of her left foot stretched out there.

PhiL said...

dam mike, your making me want to put off all that annoying home work Ive got to do and do some stuff like this (because I am =p) keep it up though, these have gotten really impressive

o yeah, I Vicki Goldster showed us your web page today, i hadnt seen it yet

nice...job...sir =D