Friday, May 29, 2009

A Teaser/Detail.

A little teaser shot of my latest project based on the Baba Yaga. Definitely an exercise in control for me. The size of her head is about the size of my thumb. Will be full color when I'm done. Stay tuned.


Jeffrey Lai said...

I need to comment more on your blog.
Every time I visit, you always have new works I can stare in amazement at.

can't wait to see how this one develops!
Has quite a 'the ring' feel to it

Mike Puncekar said...

Thank you Mr. Lai. Big compliment coming from you.

Bernadette said...

Sweet sketch! really creeps me out. this is kinda how I imagine myself in twenty years

Kira said...

I'm excited for some chicken feet!

Bernadette said...

hey mike is there a way to change my password to sign in to oondu?

Mike Puncekar said...

I believe you can do it by going to the blogger dashboard, and then clicking on "my account". Once there, should say "change password". Of course that will change your entire account login. But it will change your password for oondu.

Jeffrey Lai said...

o you can shoot me an email if you want!
to ask specific question?
i don't know why you're askin me
(of all pple lol)
since you're unbelievably awesome already

Anonymous said...

hurry up with this! I want to see it!!!!

Mike Puncekar said...

Hey speck. Made my day knowing someone out there was hoping to see this.

Bad news is, at the moment it's a dead project. Main reason is I needed to recharge my batteries, but I hope to finish it this summer after a small style vacation. But right now I have about 3 other projects I'm working on, and this one got pushed to the back burner for now. It's one of the few decent traditional starts I've had, so i won't be abandoning it.

Till then-