Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sketch-a-day 66 67

How about a little life drawing. Did these a day apart. Morning model and then the afternoon model. I really enjoyed doing the top model so much more than the bottom picture. All because for that one I actually had my bic pen. I have really started to hate sketching in pencil. I'm a real smudge king, and with the pen, it's always sharp and finished. Barring I don't butcher it with a mistake. Like on the top one here the head was pretty enormous, but photoshop saved the day. 

So I can't post pics of my current project or my astronaut painting quite yet. I took pictures on my camera, but the memory stick wasn't in, and never thinking, I didn't realize I didn't have the cord to transfer those. So I'll have to retake or scan. I think I'll just wait and scan. These two weeks have flown by. Annoyingly fast. In the mood to do something tonight though.

Well, back to class.

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