Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ok. I'm a little behind on my promise.

Updates are coming. Ended up just completely vegging out for the weekend and was pretty much just lazy. It was fantastic. But I got about 4 drawings to scan and a few photos (including the finished astronaut coming).

Consider this post "Mike's peace of mind." I felt weird not updating. But I'm pooped and I'll get it up on here tomorrow.

Till then, I put together this series of progress shots I was taking to pretty much document how I did the "Mad" Jack one for myself. Only missing the original pencils, but those were only a 15 minute sketch. You shouldn't miss it. Just a tiny bit of paint on the face on the first panel. If you want to know anything about the process, just ask.


Mark Molnar said...

thanks a lot for this Mike! its great to see your progress.

Jack C. Gregory said...

This pilot is probably one of my favorite posts.

Kira said...

Agreed. Awesome in progress shots.