Monday, March 23, 2009

Sketch-a-day 041

Bringing back the red skull for a second round (maybe I should actually draw red skull...). Penciled this one out about 3 in the morning. Get bored pretty fast that late. Good news is... there was a marathon of Bonanza and Andy Griffith Show on yesterday. After a quick chaser of bonanza early in the day, where I learned how Candy ended up with the gang, watched 5 hours straight of Andy Griffith that night till midnight. I was doing other things while watching, but still counts. See you next year Andy. 

Forgot to mention that yesterday's sketch was a "Sketch-to-death" challenge. The words were Jack-o-Lantern and Jazz. I also have two other sketches on there, for the words #2 and Umbrella. Which I just didn't copy the post over due to general business at the time.

Now. Just need to never have allergies again. I want to frolic and seize the day. Instead I sneeze and get headaches and look cracked out with bloodshot eyes. Fun. 


mo said...


KMcGstudio said...

really like the glow! How is this semester treating you? Glad to see you're still rockin it out!

Mike Puncekar said...

It's dragging me all over the floor. But Tim Hortan's keeps me going haha. Thank goodness it's open 24/7. Those Cafe Mocha's really give you a good kick. I don't know what it is, but it's not the normal pull your hair out one week and take it a bit easier the next. This semester it's just been a solid beating.

How are you faring?

Thank you both.

med said...

Hey man that's really awesome. The color scheme is really simple and effective, sweetness.

Thanks for your comment on my page the other day, and to answer your question I am a huge fan of JJ. Btw, on tuesday we're doing the first official Digital Painting Tutorial group at Kinney, room 209 at 9PM. I'll probably do a painting on the projector or a landscape, we'll see. But you should come bro :D