Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sketch-a-day 037 038


You know the guy with the golden touch? Well this weekend my touch wasn't golden. It was poop. Whatever I touched turned to poop. Also, my oils are shot. Namely my white which was pretty crappy to begin with. 

How long do oils last? These are going on 3 years old, and I really want to paint with oils, but I can't afford to go put down the change for a new set. A new tube of white... yes... but these things are being fussy. Need some crappy new brushes as well. 

Again. Blegh. Did a sketch page too. It's one of many. But I won't show the others. Kind of embarrassing haha.

On the upside: The new episode of dollhouse was awesome and my faith in Joss Whedon has been restored. Shame the poor fella is battling Firefly fans on this one. It's an impossible fight.  

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