Friday, March 6, 2009

Sketch-a-day 033 034 kinda.

Another cheat post for sketch-a-day. They are what I did for a full day, and while I did a little prelim doodle, I'd rather show these. The two spots are both based on two articles, out of a possible six that were given to us for a Styles and Concepts. Cranked em out in a day because I thought we had a whole nother week to finish, but was unfortunately mistaken. I couldn't help but lean towards the people based ones. In the end they are meant to be viewed at a meager 5x5 inches.

Numero uno is Jesse James. The article this one was based on only his life and when he was born. Did a fair bit of research and came up mostly empty handed as far as actual fact. So I took queues from "The assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford", which I have never seen but googled. Made sure to get the pistols correct, as I knew the teacher, Benton Mahan, would keep a sharp eye out. I really need to stop sticking multiple arms on people, but I couldn't pass up a six armed man shooting six shooters.

The second one here was based on Aaron Burr. I only drew off of one portrait for clothing, and just let this one go. The split thing was a really sudden change to my original, straight forward two-face idea. He was a supposed traitor to the U.S. and will always be looked at as one. So I focused on that "back-stabbing" mentality, and the false face of politician. If I could change one thing... that crown would have lined up with where the two portraiture ovals meet.  


Anonymous said...

I love the Jesse James, really nice.

Angie Andrews said...

NICE! What kind of photoshop brushes do you have? They are very awesome.