Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Twain was a Gambling Man.

Mark Twain wrote the story "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County back in the mid 1800's during the Gold Rush. So leave it to Mr. Brain Kane to bring it back to current day and assign it as a Black and White assignment. It's a great story about the legendary Gambler Jim Smiley, pictured so humbly throwing around cash everywhere here, and his addiction. It's kind of a odd comedic short story. Don't know if I'd recommend it, but it sure was interesting. Before you say, "Hey wait, I see grey in that black and white illustration..." let me just say, I had to get a screen-tone in there. I love em. 

Oh, and it's a two page spread, meant to be folded right down the middle.

Well, I only got to post this because I've yet to sleep today, and if I go to sleep now, I won't wake up for anything. Wish me luck tomorrow, cause I'm gonna be one fatigued jerk. If you see me, I will be grumpy, and most likely in a state of constant rage and anguish.

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Barbara said...

I love this one! The style is so neat to look at, and those have got to be some of the cutest drawn animals I've ever seen