Friday, February 20, 2009

Sketch-a-day 024

Just a really, realy quick one today I did during a film and lit lecture on our reading assignment. Just one of those where it was just smooth from beginning to end with no real screw-ups. Just scanned the packet, as I liked how just stuck on it was. May post another one today, since this one was so quick and I have some time to do one, now that the hell week has ended. 

Just been so inspired lately due to all you dudes and dudettes. Specifically watching Eric Fortune and Joe Kovach painting in the illustration lab here at school. Makes me want to buckle down and try a really rendered piece, of which it's not something I've really tried before. Of course, I say that... then post this.


Thom Glick said...

Very cool. I'm really digging your posts. You've got great drawing skills!

Who are some of your influences?

KMcGstudio said...

Mike, You're improving everytime I see your work. I love the added color in your pieces as well. The exaggeration of your characters is great too.

Mike Puncekar said...

Thanks, means a ton coming from both of ya.

As far as influences go... I've had alot, but if I had to pick and choose right now I'd say Ashley Wood as the biggest, James Jean, Phil Hale, Joao Ruas, Ian Francis, and Alex Kanevsky. With a very long standing love of everything Mike Mignola, Alex Stodolnik, and Jaime Jones. Kent Williams and august hall as far as actual painting goes.

Alot of names, but those are the ones I stalk like crazy. Although I must admit, the sketch-a-day peeps including both of you have been nudging me along as well, especially groff who amazes me with those oh so soft, lady like lines. Fortune feels like a huge kick in the ass, super committed to his pieces, and kovach makes me want to experiment. Either way, at the end of this sketch-a-day... hopefully I'll have found my place and medium I like.

C.R.MacTernan said...

Yeah, I have to agree with these guys, your work is impressive. I really enjoy your posts. Thank you for kicking My ass. ;P